top_bgIn case you are wondering, slot machines in Australia are referred to as pokies. Online pokies have become extremely popular amongst players.  This is mainly attributed to the influx in the number of online platforms presently offering this fun gaming interfaces for gamers as well as other interested party.

A Little about Online Pokies

There is no denying that online pokies are an extremely great source of entertainment. What’s more, they are presently available in all sorts of shapes, colors and themes. This simply means that if interested, you are free to choose the genre or theme that you love the best and then proceed to play the game. As already mentioned, there are several websites out there hence in case you miss something that interests you on one website; you are free to try another site.

As if that is not enough, you will be glad to learn that you can also enjoy playing without necessarily betting any real cash. Take note, since the games are available online, you are free to play anytime of the day for free. This means there is absolutely no need to head out to a casino. As a matter of fact, you should expect to experience more or less the same feeling as that which is felt in a real casino. It is equally worth noting that the gaming rooms have all the regular card games as in a real casino.

pokies-infographicAs strange as it may sound, the Australian government is however not exactly contusive towards online gambling in the country. This is clearly evident and is supported by the fact that they are introducing a series of laws to help restrict the use of real money. As a matter of fact, they are looking forward to criminalizing the use of real money or offering of games which include real money betting especially involving Australian citizens.

Can you play online pokies in Australia? Online Gambling Laws in Australia
Of course you can play online pokies in Australia. However, there is a law referred to as the interactive gambling Act 2001. It serves to control online pokies and other casino games. The main objective of this act is to limit Australian online based casinos from offering real money to gamers and other interested parties. Interesting thing is, this same law allows for the betting on sporting events as well as other online based lotteries through licensed people. It is equally worth noting that: for a while now, many people have been trying to make the Australian government relax the rules in the process even persuading law makers to consider legalizing online based real money betting. Simply put, they are advocating for Australian gambling laws to be relaxed.

One of the recommendations floated include the introduction of a mechanism of pre commitment by gamers aimed at making them more responsible by spending only a limited sum of real money instead of gambling away the money they have hard earned uncontrollably. Unfortunately, the government is yet to consider implementing this recommendation.

In spite of the restrictions, the Australian online pokies industry is quite widespread plus it employs thousands of people not to mention the fact that it brings large amounts of revenue into the country.